Do you make custom orders? 
Yes we do! Pricing starts at $25 a loaf depending on what you want! 

How long does it take?

It will take between 4-6 weeks. It takes a couple days to make and unmold the soap. Then takes the soap a minimum of 4 weeks to cure. 

Will the soap look exactly as pictured? 
These are handmade soaps, therefore not all soaps will look the same. Cutting, beveling, and just the way some soaps are designed there will almost always be some type of imperfection that makes them different from another bar. Though they will look very similar. Most of our bars have their own unique look when we use certain techniques. 


Do you accept returns? 
Unfortunately we do no accept returns. Once the product reaches the consumer it is not going to be sellable once it is unpackaged or used. If you do have any concerns or aren’t happy with your order please send us a message. We will absolutely work with you to make sure you are happy!